Whatsapp Launching Money Transfer Feature soon

Whatsapp Money Transfer Feature

Whatsapp’s payment feature was under discussion for a long time. Whatsapp is working for a long time to bring the payment feature in its app. In a new media report, it has been claimed that Whatsapp’s payment feature can be live in India next month. It is believed that Whatsapp is in the final testing phase of this feature. Initially, this feature will be made available to some WhatsApp users only. The payment feature can be offered until February.


Partnership with popular banks

Believe it on the news, the platform with its partner banks is on the beta stage. If the trial goes right then the feature can be made live in February. The Popular Messaging app is working on its platform based on the UPI-based payment feature. The company is doing its testing together with some of the most popular banks in India. According to the report, Whatsapp has partnered with Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and State Bank of India.

A banking representative has also confirmed this. At present, the feature has to work on many security-related issues. In this, the security of the user’s data is being given more attention.

To work on many important points

According to a senior banking authority- “For the convenience of sending money easily like a text message, there is a need for encryption at many levels to keep data safe. The UPI has different mechanisms with different banking partners. It is very important to work on these points before using these features live. ”

Very easy to pay

This came in the latest report, after the news of what was available in the beta version of the Whatsapp pay feature. The paid feature will be added to the attachment section. Users will be able to transfer money from the luggage screen. The leaked information of the feature shows that it is very easy to make payments with WhatsApp. It is said that it would be as easy as to send a picture or contact.

How will the feature


The payment feature will be added to an attachment option with a symbol of Rs. Users will be able to access the feature from here.
After this, users will be able to make payment through the one-step process by putting zeros and UPI pins.

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