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Upcoming Smartphones Features – Take a look

5 big features will come in smartphones

These 5 high-tech features will come in the smartphones in 2018, these are the benefits for the first time. In the year 2017, many new technologies were used in smartphones to provide the better experience to the users. Now, when 2017 is about to end, the big question arises that in the new year (2018), smartphone maker companies are planning to bring something special. Tech Expert Part I Sachdev told us about 5 big features which can be expected to come in 2018.

upcoming smartphones

Foldable Screen:

The Samsung’s Foldable Screen Smartphone has been in news for a long time. But coming to the phones in the coming year can be a special feature. In the year 2017, there is a special focus on the phone’s screens. This year 18: 9 Aspect ratio became a walk of full view display. Similarly, the OLED foldable screen can be trendy in the coming year.

Artificial Intelligence:

However, artificial intelligence has just begun, but in the coming years, this feature will prove to be a major trend in 2018. This feature will come on the phone many other features will also be added. After the artificial intelligence comes to the phone, the phone will be able to track your activities and work accordingly. As such, your phone will automatically become silent when you arrive at the office. Bluetooth will turn on when home and background apps will be closed every hour.

Voice Assistant and Advance:

Voice Assistant will be further enhanced after AI integration. It will get you many more jobs online. Serie, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa will work with all the advanced technology.

Real Time Language Translator:

Smartphones that have the option of Artificial Intelligence, those phones will be able to translate different languages in real time. The special thing will be that it will not even require the Internet.

The phone camera will take the point and the place of shooting:

In the coming time, your phone’s camera will come with such great features that it will replace the point-and-shoot camera. Your phone’s camera interface will be able to capture the best object. It will include Landscape, Food, Fireworks etc.

Phones will contain Face ID:

At the moment Apple has given Face ID Unlocking System on the iPhone 10. In this type of phone, your phone will unlock the phone itself. In 2018, all the phones will contain this feature.

upcoming smartphones

These are the 5 big features that you can get in the smartphones in 2018. In the coming time, all these features will become very common as any other features on the phone. These will not only enhance the smartphone experience of users but also make people’s work easier and easier. The smartphone version can help us in the coming year. Let’s see, apart from these features, the year 2018 brings something new and special to the smartphone and smartphone market.

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