tech myths

Top 10 Tech myths that everybody does

We are learning something new day by day and our technology also changes day by day so we have to aware from avail of technology, but here is various tech myths that everyone follows and sometimes getting nervous to do something.

tech myths

Let’s understand those tech myths :

1. Google and Facebook are free

Everyone thought google, facebook, Instagram is free services for us, but it is wrong – they do use of your Data and track your every activity, what are you browsing what type of thing you want to see on the internet and where are you go they track your location too. After getting these all the information from your than they place an advertisement on internet contained websites that you surf.

when you click on adds then they get money so these sites are not free for you. 🙂

2. Better card for better performance

Generally peoples thoughts after purchasing a new camera and Phones, it requires high-speed memory card that enhance your camera shooting speed: but this is not true it depends on your camera shooting frames per second.
the use of memory card is on your camera is only transferring frames from your camera memory to external memory card.
a high-speed memory card such as class 10 is useful but on in that way you thought.

3. Typing URL = No fishing

You are not safe from fishing attack only typing direct URL in URL bar on your browser. sometimes you are redirecting to malicious websites even you type accurate URL this is because of your configurations that are called tap napping attack.
so, aware every time during surfing the net.

4. Bigger file = Better quality

Bigger file not always having better quality as per the small file. it depends on optimization of the file, sometimes small file having good quality and better pixels because of compression of the file.

5. 3rd party ink = No warranty

If you buy a new printer and attach third-party ink potter, don’t worry your warranty is not voiding. it is possible your printer not print well and printing is slow but the warranty is still working.

6. Disk partition is necessary

some peoples thoughts after buying new laptop or pc partition are necessary for better performance. it is a big myth that we have to understand partitions is not necessary for better performance, you can also get better performance with single disk partition.
Partitions are only used for managing your data, you can store your data in different partitions accordingly.

7. Rechargeable batteries save money

Rechargeable cells are not always beneficial for you if you having a device in which cells are daily consumers than you should use these cells but in various devices like wall clocks don’t need these types of cells because these cells consume your electricity and money too.

8.  X-Ray damage electronics

X-Rays machines are checks your bags and packages at airports, railways, metro stations etc if you though these X-Rays Harms your laptop, mobile, hard drives or any electronic devices that are in your bag that is false. these machine does not harm any of your devices and no negative effect will occur on your devices.

9. Bitcoins are illegal

tech myths

Nowadays, everybody thinks Bitcoins are illegal or legal, many peoples says bitcoins are illegal but it is not true, bitcoins are illegal at some regions and countries not everywhere and yes bitcoins are legal at India. You can trade in bitcoins freely online. You can buy bitcoins and sell bitcoins freely.

10. Online hotel search

If you search hotels, flights and anything else everytime than ready to pay the extra price for it. because your browser cookies are sent data to these apps and that shows an extra charge for you.
The better way to book online is book from particular hotel and flight from its own website.

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