lock your file

Keep lock your file or folder in the computer like this

Keep lock your file or folder in the computer

There are some files in your computer that you do not like to share with everyone. These are your personal photos, videos or some documents that you want to keep private. But by mistake, if someone goes away with your data, it can cause problems for you. In this case, you can lock your file data or document. We are going to tell you this method in our post.

lock your file

We can use this feature:

The option of encrypting files for locking files and folders is given in the Microsoft Windows operating system. With this help, you can lock the file and folder on any computer. Let us know that this feature exists in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. With this, you can keep your data safe from other users. You can follow these steps to lock your file:

Do such lock:

1. First of all, select the folder or file that exists on the computer that you want to lock.

2. Now right-click on that file or folder. After right-clicking, you will have several options in which you have to select Properties.

3. After that, a new popup window will open in front of you. Now click on the Advance button on the bottom side of the General tab given in it.

4. Now a new window will open in front of you now. Here you will see the option of Encrypt Contents to Secure Data, which you can click on the OK button.

lock your file

5. After completing this process, the folder or file will be encrypted and your file will lock. After lock, you can view your file in green and no one else will be able to open it.

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