increase the life

Want to increase the life of mobile and laptop, do not make these mistakes

Increase the life of mobile and laptop

As much users are worried about the use of gadgets, the effect of negligence in the use of gadgets in a baseless way is not seen immediately, but it affects the life and performance of the device. To increase the life of the electronic gadgets, people do some of the mistakes.

increase the life

What are these negligence …

1. Charging continuously

Peoples are slept at night during charging Phones or laptop, these methods are wrong. This damages gadget’s batteries.

What to do- Charge the phone only after the battery warning message arrives. Protect it from overcharging. Use same way for laptop charging too. Charging the laptop’s battery at 30 percent. Doing this increases battery life.

2. Wrong method of use

Other devices coming with gadgets are equally important. Users are also very careless about their care.

What to do- Never keep the data cable, mobile and laptop charger wrapped in a wrong way. Doing this is to reduce their life.

3. Gadgets should also break

Machines also need brakes. Using any gadget for a sustained period of time is less of his life.

What to do – Keep the phone closed at night and laptop if not working. With this, both of them will work well.

4. Do not take care of cleaning

According to a report, mobile screens have more bacteria than toilet seats. Which causes stomach disorders and infections. The same happens with other gadgets too.

What to do – Clean gadgets Regular. But they should not be cleaned with pesticides. Use only specially made solvents for gadget cleaning.

5. Do not use antivirus

The device slows down from the antivirus, causing problems in the memory. Many such malignant people live in antivirus. But the truth is that gadgets are risky to use without antivirus. Neither device is safe without antivirus nor its data.

What to do – Install the appropriate antivirus on mobile, tablet and laptop and keep it updated regularly. From time to time, scan your system with antivirus, so that viruses can not come and if any virus comes, then it will end.

6. Using gadgets without cover

Mobile, tablet or laptop, using all these without cover/screen guard reduces the life of gadgets. This leads to scratches on gadgets, if there is no cover, the risk of damages increases even when falling.

What to do – Many users do not use the cover to think that the look of the phone will worsen. There are designer cases in the market, which also enhance the look of gadgets with its look.

7. Do not maintain

Keeping the gadgets in the place of dusty to increase the life, moisture is to reduce their life. Gadgets should never be kept in a very cold or very hot temperature. In this case, the chances of getting screen damaged are increased.

What to do – Keep them always clean and safe.

increase the life

8. Not paying attention to the repairs

Often we take our gadgets to repair only when they stop working. Along with this, we also do our best to save money on repairs.

What to do – If the phone or laptop are experiencing any malfunction, then take them immediately to the good repair center. Lack of time and money can be increased damage in the affair.

9. Lunchtime use

Electronic gadgets should not be used while eating food.  It is also wrong to use the laptop on a bed.

What to do – Keep a phone or laptop away while eating food.


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